Baby Bib. Silica Gel Baby Bib. Waterproof Mouth Pocket. Silica Gel Bib. Meal Bib.E


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Product category: bib/bibApplicability Gender: Neutral/Both Men and WomenFabric: Silica GelIngredients: Food grade silica gelApplicable age: children's clothing (4-6 years old)Function: DecorationPatterns: StripesA-[rice bag] orangeB-[rice bag] lemon yellowC-[rice bag] candy greenD-[Rice Duck] Macaron BlueE-[rice bag] Bruce BlueF-[Rice Duck] Ice Cream Powder
Food grade silica gel material is safe and easy to use. does not contain toxic chemicals. 6 grades adjustable
The bottom leak-proof pocket is designed in 3-D. which can easily tidy up scattered food and avoid dirty baby clothes.
Waterproof bib. easy to clean. please note that bib can not be put into the washing machine
Wider shoulder straps can relieve pressure and make the baby feel more relaxed. There are many cute patterns to attract the baby.
Portable. very soft. can be rolled into small pieces. very suitable for infants and babies to wear

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